UNIC Accra prints the Sustainable Development Goals in Braille

Wednesday, 04 January 2017

Accra | CINU Accra

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have for some time now taken centre stage in many outreach activities embarked by UNICs all over the world, targeting citizens of different race, gender, colour and age. To ensure that persons with disabilities are not left out, UNIC Accra targeted high school students who are visually impaired and or have hearing challenges.

Hence, at its last leg of outreach activities in 2016, about 50 students from the Cape Coast School for the Deaf, which has students with visual and hearing impairments, were invited to join other students in Cape Coast region at one of its biggest outreach events on the SDGs.

UNIC Accra had the SDGs summary description translated and printed in Braille by the Ghana Braille Press of the Ministry of Education.  Copies were distributed to the participating students from the school for the Deaf to help them follow the presentations and discussions on the SDGs during the outreach event which took place in November 2016. Those with hearing impairment   were also assisted by a sign language interpreter.

This initiative to provide information material on SDGs in Braille and offer equal opportunity to all students to learn about the 2030 Global Agenda, was the first to be undertaken by UNIC Accra. The students were elated for the opportunity to interact with UN staff.  They also recognized and appreciated each other’s efforts and unique capabilities.  They paid rapt attention to the presentations and contributed immensely to the discussions that ensued.

For UNIC Accra, leaving no one behind meant creating the environment to enable everyone to have equal access to knowledge and to benefit from any such outreach opportunities. Providing the Braille print-outs therefore offered users to be part of the global conversation on the SDGs. About 100 copies of the Braille prints were presented to the School to be used in the library.