The UN Card: Showing what the UN does in 11 facts

Monday, 15 June 2020

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Next time you’ll be asked “What does the United Nations actually do”? you will have 11 powerful facts handy with the 2020 edition of The UN Card. 

The 2020 edition of The UN Card - previously known as Every Day Card - brings you an update to 11 actions of the UN, that show in quantifiable terms how the daily work of UN colleagues affects the lives of people around the globe.

Since the original publication in 2009, The UN Card has become a highly popular and versatile outreach tool. The cards are frequent travel companions of the Secretary-General and other UN senior officials; they have been translated into local languages by UN Information Centres and are adapted by partners such as the UN Foundation for their own outreach work on behalf of the UN.

Facts cover issues related to humanitarian aid and response, preventive diplomacy and food security serve as a reminder of what the Organization strives for. Printed, they are the size of  a business card, so you can carry a couple in your wallet and share those with UN colleagues - and even die hard UN skeptics. 


Here are the facts highlighted this year.

The United Nations

  1. Combats pandemics: leads the global response of the unprecedented COVID-19
  2. Provides food and assistance to 86.7 million people in 83 countries
  3. Supplies vaccines to 50% of the world’s children, helps save 3 million lives a year
  4. Assists and protects 82.5 million people fleeing war, famine and persecution
  5. Works with 196 nations to keep the global temperature rise well below 2°C/3.6°F
  6. Keeps peace with 95,000 peacekeepers in 13 operations around the world
  7. Tackles the global water crisis affecting over 2.2 billion people worldwide
  8. Protects and promotes human rights globally and through 80 treaties/declarations
  9. Coordinates US$28.8 billion appeal for the humanitarian needs of 108.8 million people
  10. Uses diplomacy to prevent conflict: assists some 50 countries a year with their elections
  11. Helps over 2 million women a month overcome pregnancy and childbirth complications 

The Department of Global Communications updates the cards on an annual basis, checking facts and figures with UN agencies, designing new graphics and adding new key achievements. It is of course impossible to include all but a snapshot of the UN family’s work.

Duty Stations, Information Centres, Permanent Mission delegates are invited to download a high resolution version of the cards in all six official languages for local printing (in pdf).

PDF version: