Shifting the management paradigm: Establishing 2 new departments

Friday, 16 November 2018

Worldwide | DFS | DM 

From 1 January 2019, two new departments will be created at Headquarters to provide management and operational support across the Secretariat in accordance with the General Assembly’s resolution to reorganize the roles and responsibilities of the existing Department of Management and Department of Field Support (A/RES/72/266B).

As a key step in support of the Secretary‑General’s vision to shift the management paradigm across the Secretariat, the establishment of the new departments - Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC) and the Department of Operational Support (DOS) - is intended to enable a more nimble, responsive and field-oriented Organization that better meets the requirements of the global Secretariat.  The two new departments will form a stronger foundation to implement the Secretary‑General’s vision of decentralized decision-making authority, simplified processes and procedural policies, and enhanced commitment towards accountability.

Immense effort is involved in reengineering the two new departments to achieve the real change expected by the Secretary‑General. 

The new DMSPC will provide strategy and policy leadership in all areas of management through a clear and integrated framework, and will provide strengthened monitoring, evaluation and accountability mechanisms to oversee delegated authorities.  The new department will impart a culture of continuous learning and will promote innovative business models throughout the global Secretariat, with a strong focus on the field.  With key pillars in human resources management, fiscal management and stewardship, global communication and technology planning, DMSPC will also have a dedicated capacity for business transformation and accountability to provide leadership for improved performance and large-scale transformation projects.

As the operational arm of the Secretariat, DOS will provide advisory and other operational support services directly to clients and, as needed, exercise delegated authority on behalf of clients.  The Department will be organized to provide end-to-end service delivery and to ensure an integration of operational support for entities across the Secretariat in supply chain management, human resources management, including medical services and occupational health and safety, and ICT operations.  The new Department will act to support dedicated functional experts within Secretariat entities, but also retain a capacity to provide more detailed planning and surge support in special situations.

A new Management Client Board will be co-chaired by the heads of the two new departments.  It will serve as a feedback mechanism between the departments and its clients across the Secretariat.

Planning is now underway to prepare and implement the two new departments on 1 January 2019 and to continue a programme of real change in the following months.  Stay tuned to iSeek, as we will continue to update you on the progress of our journey towards DOS and DMSPC!