Secretary-General outlines vision for 2019 Climate Change Summit

Monday, 10 September 2018

New York | EOSG

“Climate change is undeniable” said Secretary-General António Guterres at UN Headquarters in New York today. “The science is beyond doubt,” he added, warning that this issue poses an existential threat to humankind.

“It is time to get off the path of suicidal emissions,” he reiterated.

The Secretary-General called on governments, businesses, scientists and consumers – “to make changes” and to “be the change” that will put the planet on a path to a better future. 

He also outlined his vision for a new Climate Summit in 2019, which he will be convening to rally the international community, to step up action in key areas inclusive sustainable energy production, economic growth, green investment and better stewardship of natural resources.

Watch the video above.