Planning the new Department of Operational Support

Friday, 16 November 2018

New York | DFS

The establishment of the new Department of Operational Support (DOS) from 1 January 2019, will present a valuable opportunity to align the new department with the vision, mission statement, organizational values, and strategic objectives that match the challenges ahead.

Several workshops and focus groups have been held with future managers and staff of DOS, to lay the groundwork for a strategic plan to guide the initial operations of the new Department.

Senior managers from the Department of Field Support (DFS) and Department of Management (DM), who will oversee DOS functions starting in 2019, participated in two workshops to develop the elements of a strategic plan, mindful of the vision from the Secretary-General to shift the management paradigm in the Secretariat (A/72/492).

As a follow-up, two focus groups were conducted with staff, randomly selected from DFS and DM and various grades, who work in functions which will shift to DOS.  The focus groups discussed different proposals for the vision and mission statements of the new department (and came up with alternatives). 

Similarly, the focus groups discussed proposals for organizational values, providing inputs based on their own functions and experiences.  Participants engaged in open and frank discussion that was invaluable in formulating a strategic plan for DOS. 

As ideas for a new strategic plan become clearer, the DOS Implementation Team intends to engage further with staff to make sure that a strategic plan for the new department will provide focus and direction to the work of DOS and its staff in the critical first year of operations and teambuilding.

It is essential that DOS embody the objectives of the Secretary‑General to shift the management paradigm towards a more field-focused Organization, including decentralization of authority, simplification of process, and strengthened accountability.

Functional design working groups have started to detail the responsibilities and activities to be performed by DOS.  Take a look at an interactive organizational chart depicting the structure and functions of DOS.