New budget charts in the proposed budget

Thursday, 22 June 2017

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New budget charts – presented in the foreword and introduction to the proposed programme budget for 2018-2019 – allow staff and Member states to see, in clear, graphic terms, an integrated perspective of all the funding streams within the Secretariat and wider UN system.

The Programme Planning and Budget Division in the Department of Management put together the graphic charts, called Sankey diagrams, which give an overview of the Secretariat’s revenues and proposed budget.

The first chart, Figure I, shows United Nations system revenue by funding source, agency, and programmatic theme, as categorised by the UN System Chief Executive Board for Coordination (CEB).  You can compare the various funding streams going into UN Secretariat and agency budgets and see the related expenditures by programmatic themes.  

Using this concept, Figures II and III further show how the funding relates to the proposed programme budget’s programmatic themes, priorities, and budget parts, sections and lines, including staff assessment. 

For example, Figure II illustrates the funding for the eight priority areas approved by the General Assembly and how the funding relates to the budget parts.

Figure III relates the funding to the budget sections (departments/offices) and the budget lines (posts and other staff costs, general operating expenses, grants and contributions, office equipment, travel etc.).

The world map in Figure IV gives an overview of the percentage of the geographical distribution of the proposed budgets allocated to each UN main duty station, including financial resources and the percentage of total number of posts.

The team in the Office of Programme Planning Budget and Accounts (OPPBA) hopes that the information will give you a clearer understanding of the funding sources of the UN system and how they relate to the work of the UN and it’s priority areas.

The DGACM Meeting Support Section team helped to provide the budget charts in colour.

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