Management Reform: New senior-level job openings

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Worldwide | DM

​The soon-to-be established Department of Management Strategy, Policy and Compliance (DMSPC) is currently recruiting four senior-level positions for the new Business Transformation and Accountability Division (BTAD).

The Division will be a key enabler of the Secretary-General’s proposal to delegate authority closer to the point of delivery.

The Business Transformation and Accountability Division will establish and mainstream accountability systems to drive a results-based culture and the proactive management of risk.

By leveraging the global management reporting capabilities of Umoja and other enterprise solutions, the Division will use business analytics to monitor, in real-time, the execution of the enhanced delegation of authority framework by managers across the Secretariat, a critical aspect of the new accountability framework.

It will also support the work of oversight bodies and will conduct management reviews and quality assurance functions in a cycle of continuous improvement. It will review the findings and recommendations from the oversight bodies and serve as a resource for entities across the Secretariat on self-evaluation activities through which they and the Organization can learn and improve planning and decision-making.

The Business Transformation and Accountability Division will also continually seek opportunities to modernize and innovate and will manage large-scale business transformation projects.

By mainstreaming results-based management and enterprise risk management in the planning and daily operations of the Secretariat, the Division will help managers clarify and communicate the results to be achieved and the risks to be managed.

It will support programme managers in their efforts to establish clear targets and criteria for programme performance and will generate, analyse and communicate data, conduct reviews and support self-evaluations.

It will provide support to programme managers in their monitoring, assessment and reporting of programme performance. Such performance-related information and lessons learned will, in turn, contribute to future planning.

Excited? We are currently recruiting the following four senior positions:

Additional positions in the new Division will advertised shortly.