ECLAC's Bárcena on regional implications for the SDGs

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Buenos Aires | UNIC Buenos Aires

"To leave no one behind means taking 75 million Latin-Americans out of extreme poverty.”

Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), gave a master class on Agenda 2030 in the context of Latin America on 7 April at Di Tella University in Buenos Aires.

“The feminization of poverty is a fact,” she said during her presentation. “Poverty rates are higher for women than men, according to ECLAC statistics, for every 100 men living in poverty, there are 118 women living in the same situation.”

Organized by UNIC Buenos Aires, the event gathered over 200 students, academics, press and numerous NGOs working on the local implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals to hear about the wider context of the 2030 Agenda from one of its most renowned experts.

When asked about what are the key elements necessary to foster equality in Latin America - the most unequal region in the world - Bárcena said, “There is nothing more effective to promote equality than employment; jobs provide people with dignity, economic emancipation, and the possibility of feeling integrated into the society.”

Bárcena brought attention to the fact that technological advancement, artificial intelligence, and robotics are likely to replace more than 70 million jobs in the foreseeable future, which will bring about profound changes in the region’s economies.

“Regarding the 2030 Agenda, measuring results and sharing the findings with the global population is vital. Social networks have been outstanding tools for delivering the information on SDGs and, fortunately, many world leaders are engaged and involved with the new Agenda,” she said, summing up the level of commitment to the SDGs in the region.