Cartoons ignite hearts and minds in Moscow

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Moscow | UNIC Moscow

Do you like cartoons?

UN Information Centre (UNIC) in Moscow staff are real connoisseurs. They have been organizing special cartoon exhibits to observe World Press Freedom Day for more than ten years!

Every year, UNIC Moscow marks the Day with an event for cartoonists and guests to look at cartoons and discuss their impact on today’s dynamically developing world.

On 3 May, the Secretary-General’s video message for World Press Freedom Day was screened to kick off the soiree. Several heads of Moscow-based UN agencies addressed the audience, highlighting the importance of the freedom of the press. The cartoonists - some of whom have won awards for their work at the local and international level - were excited to share their artwork.

The exhibited cartoons covered a range of subjects - from the purely political to climate change.

Cartoons have value in the modern world. An artist at the event commented that cartooning is among the most trusted media genres globally. According to him, words can easily fool someone, but spreading lies with a small, hand drawn picture is next to impossible. 

Another artist in attendance reflected that cartoons help us look into ourselves and better understand our inner selves: “The way one reacts to a cartoon tells volumes about one’s character.”

Guests pointed to the positive outlook of the cartoons, which held true for even those depicting heavily-loaded themes, such as terrorism. Pictures have a peculiar ability to instill hope for the future, even in the direst of times.

The importance of holding these annual exhibitions and discussions was confirmed when one of the youngest guests - a student from Moscow University of International Relations - remarked that the cartoon genre had previously not been of much interest to her.

“I have always thought that a cartoon cannot be informative enough, so I have preferred reading long stories. Seeing so many cartoons featuring so many issues, I have come to realize that the genre can not only tell much, it can also motivate you to action,” she said.

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