Business Intelligence: enabling informed decision-making @ UN

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Global | OICT

Business intelligence provides management and staff access to reporting tools and data from Umoja, inspira, and other enterprise systems now in use by the UN, to help with planning and decision-making at all levels of the Organization. 

Previously, reporting in the UN tended to be a difficult, time consuming, manual process.  The Office of Information and Communications Technology has implemented a number of key enterprise applications and most business transactions are now processed using these handful of applications. Unite Business Intelligence provides rapid, simple, self-service access to enterprise-wide information. 

To see examples of reports available already and to learn more about business intelligence, please visit

Unite Business Intelligence provides departments and offices an effective way to consolidate and coordinate the production of, and access to, data and reports across the global Secretariat, including:

  • coordinating Umoja reporting on supply and demand;
  • assisting local BI teams to develop Umoja ad-hoc reports; 
  • developing statutory reports;
  • analyzing and integrating data sources;
  • establishing BI governance mechanisms; 
  • working closely with business areas to assess BI requirements and capacity; and 
  • delivering reports, dashboards, and visualizations across substantive and administrative business areas. 

Unite Business Intelligence will make it easier to access information that will support efficient, effective, and accurate decision-making on both administrative and substantive matters.

In order to better assess and respond to the BI needs of individual entities, OICT is hosting BI workshops to understand, identify, and prioritize BI requirements. To date, workshops have been conducted with 11 departments and entities, including the United Nations Office at Nairobi (UNON), the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Department of Field Support (DFS).

To learn more about BI at the UN, visit the Unite Business Intelligence website, and download the recording and presentationfrom our recent webinar.

For questions and information, including how to get started with Unite BI, please email the Unite Business Intelligence team at