Secretary-General’s Bulletins through the decades

Wednesday, 05 September 2018

The bulletins provide a rare historical perspective into human resources communications during the early years of the United Nations. They address various UN staff matters. For example, SGB/1 - issued by Trygve Lie - established the “New York Headquarters and the temporary London office” in 1946.

SGB/63 describes the “Functions of United Nations Archives” and  ST/SGB/124 gives a detailed account of the “Revised Organization of the Secretariat” from 1961. Other communications detail overtime practices (SGB/69) and the establishment of the Appeals Board (SGB/64). 

As many of the Staff Rules have numerous amendments, one can follow the path of each rule and the evolution of human resources topics through the decades.

These historic Secretary-General’s Bulletins and Staff Rules and Regulations can be found in the Library’s own digital platform, the UN Digital Library. All Secretary-General Bulletin documents begin with symbols SGB/ or ST/SGB and can be found via the advanced search in the Library’s database.  

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