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Visa Services




A partir du 23 mars 2015, 
La Mission Permanente de la République Démocratique du Congo

auprès des Nations Unies ne traite plus les demandes « en urgence ».

 Le délai de traitement de demande de visa

est d’un minimum de quinze (15) jours ouvrables.

Ne pas produire tous les documents peut entraîner le retard du traitement

de votre demande et éventuellement un refus.




As of March 23, 2015,

The Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Congo

to the United Nations no longer offers “rush services”.

Please allow a minimum of fifteen (15) business days for processing the application.

Failure to follow the instructions could lead to the delay of the processing

of your application and possibly a refusal.

Visa requirements

Starting October 3, 2011, all applicants are respectfully requested to abide by the following regulations when applying for a visa for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  1. Valid passport(with at least one completely blank page other than the last page)
  2. One application form properly filled out, dated and signed by the applicant.
  3. Two recent identical passport photos
  4. International certificates of vaccination showing proof of immunity against yellow fever (valid within six months).
  5. A round trip airline ticket or letter from a travel agency showing the itinerary to and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  6. In case of a business trip the applicant may present:
  • a letter from the firm or company stating the purpose of the trip and assuring the financial support to the applicant.
  • an invitation letter from your business contact, signed and notarized in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  1. In case of tourists:
  • proof of funds (e.g. bank statements)
  • proof of employment (e.g. letter from your employer)
  • other documents relating to your trip, such as an invitation from your personal contacts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, tour agenda, etc…
  1. Those who do not have a US passport are required to provide
  • a copy of their green card, or
  • all US immigration documents showing your temporary status in the United States along with a copy of a US State ID.
  1. For minors, a copy of the birth certificate is required
  2. For minors, travelling with only 1 parent or no parents, a notarized consent letter from parent(s) is required.
  3. Mailed application should be sent in along with a self-addressed envelope and sufficient US postage.

Application Fees

100 US $: One month/single entry

150 US $: One month/multiple entry

175 US $: Two months/single entry

200 US $: Two months/multiple entry 

300 US $: Three months/ multiple entry

400 US $: Six months/ multiple entry 

Click here to download the form

All payment should be made with cash or money order to " D.R. Congo Mission"
Sorry, no personal check accepted


Required: yellow fever.  
Own preventive measure: Malaria.


Please allow a minimum of 15 days for processing the application.

Our office hours for visa department are Monday to Friday, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Failure to follow the instructions could lead to the delay of the processing of your application and possibly a refusal.