'Journal of the United Nations' now online in six languages

Tuesday, 02 January 2018

Worldwide | DGACM

Did you know that the Journal of the United Nations is now available in the six official languages throughout the year at https://journal.un.org?

As part of its continuous efforts to promote multilingualism and to better service intergovernmental meetings, the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management (DGACM) has digitized and streamlined meeting-related information and created a multilingual website for this flagship publication.  

What’s new

The new website, which is compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, presents an attractive look and user-friendly interface. The workflow, from submission to publication, has been streamlined and digitized. Content submission and processing, including review, editing, translation and formatting, are now done through a robust content management system. Its automation tools allow for production of the Journal using pre-translated standard text in the six official languages.

You can subscribe to the Journal via the eSubscription portal. Current subscribers will continue to receive the Journal by email or RSS feed.


In accordance with General Assembly resolutions 70/305 and 71/323, DGACM has implemented a major Journal revamping project, led by the department’s Central Planning and Coordination Division, in partnership with the Documentation Division, the General Assembly and Economic and Social Council Affairs Division and the Information and Communications Technology Section, as well as other stakeholders from the United Nations Secretariat, programmes and funds.

The goal of project is to allow publication of the Journal in a way that meets the multilingualism requirement stipulated in Rule 55 of the Rules of procedure of the General Assembly in the most cost-efficient manner. It should better meet the needs of delegates and other Journal users and help overcome other challenges, including a considerable increase in volume over the past few years.

See today’s issue, JOURNAL NO.2017/251, in all six languages:

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