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EUCLID University documents

These documents are authentic copies of the originals, and establish that:

EUCLID University's constitutive text (charter) is UNTS I-49006, updated as UNTS-49007. The organization is "constituted and defined here" and has the following attributes:

* international legal personality as an intergovernmental organization
* degree granting authority as an intergovernmental university
* academic accreditation for the degrees confered.

EUCLID is not to be confused with the pre-existing association or consortium of universities (Euclid Consortium), of which the university of the Comoros is also a member.

By year: 2013

Joint Letter with Burundi and Gambia regarding UN Human Resources listing with Official Circular (September 2013)

Joint Letter with Burundi and C.A.R. regarding UK NARIC filing (January 2013)

By year: 2012

Ambassador Kaambi becomes EUCLID Diplomatic High Steward (December 2012)

Graduation Ceremony with Prime Minister Touadera (April 2012)

Joint Letter to the US Permanent Representative with the Permanent Representative of the Central African Republic

By year: 2011

United Nations registration of EUCLID convention for Comoros

Islamophobia /  OIC Journal regarding EUCLID Letter from and to Verifile / Accredibase


Point 1: there is major public university in the Comoros and Verifile Accredibase is not a reliable source

Point 2: The Open MOU, updated and renewed as a Framework Agreement, is a multilateral agreement constitutive text for EUCLID which defines, establishes and constitutes EUCLID with degree-granting authority

Point 3: UNESCO registration / IAU listing was accomplished by the headquarters state

Point 4: The Comoros also participate in other multi-governmental universities, notably the United Nations University and the World Maritime University).

Appointment of Ambassador Toihiri as EUCLID High Steward

By year: 2010

Filing procedures coordination with Ambassador hosting the meeting of the Permanent Missions in May 2010 to coordinate UNTS filing

By Year: 2009

Signature of Updated Framework Agreement

Official visit of EUCLID Secretary-General to Moroni

By Year: 2008

Signature of Open Memorandum of Understanding