The United Nations is committed to achieving gender parity and geographic diversity in senior level appointments.

Current vacancies

The Secretariat of the United Nations presents its compliments to the Permanent Missions of Member States to the United Nations and has the honour to request the nomination of candidates for the following positions:

Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme - Deadline for submission is 31 December 2018

Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, in Bonn, Germany - Deadline for submissions is 23 December 2018

Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Development Coordination Operations Office (UNDOCO), based in New York, USA - Deadline for submissions is 19 December 2018

Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia at the Under-Secretary-General level, based in Beirut, Lebanon - Deadline for submissions is 12 December 2018

UN Women -  Deputy Executive Director – Resource Management, Sustainability and Partnerships at the level of Assistant Secretary General, based in New YorkDeadline for submissions is 12 December 2018