UN Police in MINUSCA take sexual abuse prevention training

Monday, 31 July 2017

Bangui | MINUSCA

In order to fight against sexual exploitation and abuse, the military, police, and civilian components of the UN Mission in Central African Republic (MINUSCA) are regularly trained on the rules, procedures, and whistleblowing policies.

The Force Commander and the Police Commissioner have the responsibility to adapt the instructions of the Secretary-General on how to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse and to inform the uniformed personnel.

UN Police chiefs in MINUSCA recently participated in a training organised and delivered by the Conduct and Discipline Unit (CDU)on this issue and on how to prevent it.

The Police Commissioner of MINUSCA, General Roland Zamora, told the UN Police (UNPOL) chiefs that it is their role to raise awareness among their troops about prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. He invited them the share the new strategy of the Secretary-General, as well as the new internal decisions and rules on this issue.

During the training, the UNPOL chiefs not only learned more about disciplinary measures and their responsibility to report every allegation, but also about the negative impact of these allegations on local communities and the reputation of the mission.