From Syria to Argentina, telling refugee stories

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Buenos Aires | UNIC Buenos Aires

The human interest story is a staple both in traditional and social media, particularly for the video format. According to the Rockefeller Foundation’s Digital Storytelling for Social Impact: “Video can be the most captivating digital format for storytelling. It’s also the most popular; users are more likely to click on videos than other content. The medium allows the audience to experience stories emotionally, and to connect with the people whose lives are featured.”

By using video storytelling, the UN Information Centre (UNIC) Buenos Aires has been increasingly able to engage young viewers with local and global issues, to encourage them to be storytellers, and to promote the work done by the UN.

One of our latest stories features Lana and Majd, a couple of Syrian refugees, who embraced Argentina as their new home one year ago.

Lana and Majd proudly explained that the remarkably long journey to an unknown land - with a very different culture, geography and language - turned out to be an experience which provided them with new opportunities. They settled in San Luis, an Argentine province which has received more than 300 Syrian refugees through the San Luis Humanitarian Corridor, a special programme supported by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Lana works as a visual artist and Majd is a chef at a Middle Eastern restaurant.

The video of Lana and Majd has been posted on all the digital platforms of UN Argentina and had considerable impact on social media platforms. Lana’s story, with a total of 1,696 impressions has become the most-watched video on UN Argentina’s Instagram account to date. Majd’s story, with 1,589 impressions, is the third-most popular.  

The UN News in Spanish (Noticias ONU) website also published the feature, bringing it to a global audience of 86,600 Twitter followers, some of whom may be in a similar situation and inspired by this powerful story of second chances.

Follow this link to watch Lana and Majd’s story.