Secretary-General signs compacts with senior managers

Friday, 11 May 2018

New York | EOSG

As part of his efforts to shift the management paradigm of the United Nations, the Secretary-General has pledged that the Secretariat would be transparent, responsible and accountable in its stewardship of the resources of the Organization and in delivering upon agreed mandates. Performance compacts with senior managers are a vital component of the accountability culture of the United Nations and set the tone from the top for results.

On 10 May, the Secretary-General and his leadership team held a ceremony to acknowledge the signing of the 2018 senior manager compacts.  More streamlined and focused than in previous years, they capture and communicate key priorities and are the first set of compacts to be signed by the new team. 

For the first time, the compacts are aligned with the UN System Leadership Framework to include characteristics for senior leaders that are essential to fulfilling the Organization’s core mandates.  

In his remarks at the ceremony, the Secretary-General stressed the importance of a strong team spirit and thanked senior managers for their support. He underlined that the compacts are not only contracts between him and his senior managers, but also between senior managers and their staff and between the Organisation and Member States.

The Secretary-General highlighted three priorities. 

First, the compacts include commitments to prevent, address and report allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse and ensure rapid response to allegations of sexual harassment.  Zero tolerance applies at all times, in all places and at all levels.  This includes protecting whistleblowers, who bring these and other types of misconduct to the attention of senior leaders.

Second, the compacts reflect the Secretary-General’s commitment to reaching gender parity and improving geographical diversity.  The Secretary-General noted that equality and diversity lead to better decisions and a fairer workplace. 

Third, the compacts reflect the wide-ranging reform agenda, which aims to strengthen the Organization’s ability to do the work that Member States ask us to do and to achieve better and sustainable results for the people we serve. The Secretary-General pointed out that he expects senior leaders to contribute to these efforts in a concrete and constructive manner, including by regularly engaging with staff, as the Organization undergoes an extensive process of change. 

The Secretary-General called on the leadership team to create an environment of civility that empowers staff, fosters creativity and innovation, enables better communications with staff, and respects the dignity of each person.

The 2018 compacts can be found on the Accountability A to Z website on iSeek, together with senior managers’ performance assessment for previous years.