Introducing 'United Nations–Azerbaijan: 25 years of partnership'

Thursday, 09 November 2017

Baku | UNIC Baku

The United Nations system in Azerbaijan released a commemorative book documenting the successful working partnership between the UN and Azerbaijan that has developed over the last 25 years. 

It was presented on UN Day - as part of the celebrations for the anniversary of Azerbaijan’s accession to the United Nations and the UN’s formal presence in the country - both of which occurred in 1992. 

The book includes over 100 images obtained from a variety of sources, including UN Headquarters, UN agencies in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani state agencies, and personal archives. It also features quotations from government partners and former UN officials, which are accompanied by an informative narrative, written in both English and Azerbaijani. 

Following forewords provided by the UN Resident Coordinator and Azerbaijan’s Foreign Minister, the book is divided into three main chapters: 25 Years of Active Engagement; Making a Difference; and Towards the Future. This is followed by a brief outline of the activities of the resident UN agencies. 

This collection provides a unique and vivid portrait of the importance of the UN system in Azerbaijan. It makes connections between the past and the present, while looking towards the future. The book not only celebrates the economic progress and political stability that has been achieved in Azerbaijan since its independence, it also highlights the ongoing call for building inclusive and equitable sustainable development.

From the humanitarian assistance for refugees and internally displaced persons provided by the UN in the early years of partnership to Azerbaijan's involvement in regional and global UN affairs, this book covers it all.

Overall, the book concludes that during these 25 years of partnership, a solid foundation has been built for further improving the lives of all Azerbaijanis. It celebrates Azerbaijan's accession to the United Nations with pride.

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