How to stay UN savvy on the go

Tuesday, 07 November 2017

Worldwide | DPI

Are you keen to keep up on what’s happening around the UN world with multimedia content?

Have you wanted to livestream on a handheld device Security Council meetings or the General Assembly's debate, especially when you travel?  

Now you can get timely, comprehensive news updates in the UN's six official languages by downloading the enhanced UN News app, available on the Apple and Google store for iOS and Android devices. 

The Department of Public Information is pleased to bring you a multilingual, media-rich UN News app. Even major news outlets do not ususally offer their news services in so many languages! This version is an upgrade of the existing UN News Reader app and dishes up many new features (if you already have the UN News Reader app, you can access these by updating it to the new version).

 The enhanced version continues to provide earlier content, such as:

  • News posted in real time
  • News by region
  • News by topic

Take a look at some new features which include:

  • UN News Stream - a hub for aggregated content from UN News, UN YouTube, UN Webcast, UN Twitter and Secretary-General's statements, etc.
  • UN News with all content embedded such as video, audio and other multimedia elements.
  • UN Audio with interviews, features and podcasts in the six official languages, as well as Kiswahili and Portuguese.
  • New feature videos, including '21st Century' and 'UN in Action'.
  • News videos
  • UN Webcast of all live meetings, including the Security Council and Secretary-General stakeouts.

Beyond the news, you have reference points to take you quickly to other key UN sites:

  • Essential UN
  • Spokesperson's site
  • UN Peacekeeping
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Social Media sites by language in all six official languages

Download the app and please write a review on the Apple or Google Play Store.