Emergency Preparedness – register for alerts

Friday, 04 May 2018

New York | OHRM | DM

It has become standard practice for the Department of Management to request all delegates, staff members and affiliates to provide or update their emergency contact information by subscribing for emergency broadcast alerts.

All delegates, staff members and affiliates are reminded to sign up for the alert services at emergency.un.org. Please be reminded that a personal email address is recommended for this purpose as the UN regular broadcast system may be hampered during emergency situations.

The latest information, particularly during emergencies or other urgent situations, including information on whether the UN Headquarters complex in New York is open, can be obtained by: 

  • Calling the hotline numbers: (212) 963-9800 or (888) 986-8732 (US toll free)
  • Visiting the UN Headquarters Emergency Information website: emergency.un.org where you may subscribe to receive text, email and/or automated voice messages.
  • Viewing the UNHQ Emergency Information Facebook page

For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit the following websites:

  • UN Emergency Preparedness and Support Team – Provides a range of resources for staff and families to prepare for emergencies and information on support services available from the Organization before, during and after an emergency. The website also hosts emergency planning tools and tip sheets for managers.
  • Emergency Preparedness: A Guide for UN Personnel in New York - Aims to raise awareness among staff, and to help you prepare for crises in both your professional and private lives. It contains practical advice and guidelines, checklists and emergency kit suggestions that will help prepare us, both physically and emotionally, in the event of an emergency.
  • UN Department of Safety and Security – Resources such as security clearance requests, travel notification processing and travel advisories for staff members of UN Departments, Agencies, Funds and Programmes.