Designing the functions of the Department of Operational Support

Friday, 16 November 2018

Worldwide | DFS

One of the most critical elements in the process of establishing the new Department of Operational Support (DOS) is a comprehensive functional design effort, which aims to fully define and operationalize the different functions that will make up the new Department.

The functional design effort will:

  • Detail all DOS functions, objectives, structures and reporting lines
  • Establish or simplify processes, including adjustments to systems, through which DOS services and other support will be delivered
  • Transition staff members into new DOS functions by ensuring roles and tasks are clearly defined and required skills are identified
  • Ensure client requirements are identified and defined in collaboration with operating entities across the global Secretariat
  • Prepare or review guidance to address the needs of team members and client entities alike

Underpinning this work will be the key principles of the Secretary-General’s vision for shifting the management paradigm, including decentralization of authority to operating entities and simplification of process.

To achieve these objectives, the DOS Implementation Project has stood up core working groups, 4 to 5 experts each, including a Process Lead at a senior level, from both the Department of Management and Department of Field Support, to support future DOS staff in establishing functions and underlying processes across the nine workstreams that will lay the foundations of DOS.

A kick-off workshop for these core groups was held on 11 October, to develop common tools for this work and to start building the cohesiveness needed to establish a well-functioning new department. 

The working groups will coordinate all elements of their functional areas, and engage all relevant staff to identify pain points, solicit ideas for improvements, and facilitate efforts to define the way forward.

Under-Secretary-General for Field Support Atul Khare and the DOS Implementation Team would like to hear suggestions and thoughts from staff about this process and how the implementation of the new Department of Operational Support can serve as an opportunity to address gaps or issues in the way we operate.