14th St. Jerome Translation Contest now open!

Tuesday, 04 December 2018

Following up on the commemoration of International Translation Day, celebrated every year on 30 September, the Conference Management Service of the United Nations Office at Vienna is pleased to announce the opening of the fourteenth edition of the St. Jerome Translation Contest.

What is the St. Jerome Translation Contest?

Originally launched in 2005 by the English Translation Service at UN Headquarters, the contest is held each year to commemorate International Translation Day. In 2017, the General Assembly welcomed the holding of the contest in its resolution 71/288 on the role of professional translation in connecting nations and fostering peace, understanding and development. The contest serves to celebrate multilingualism within the United Nations and highlights the important role that language professionals play in the multilateral system.

Who can take part?

The contest is open to:

•  Current and former United Nations staff members from all entities of the United Nations system, irrespective of occupational group, contractual status or duty station

• Current and former interns from all entities of the United Nations system, irrespective of occupational group or duty station

•  Staff from all accredited diplomatic missions to the United Nations

•  Students enrolled at partner universities shown on this list

How does it work?

Contestant participants this year will translate:

•  Into Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish or German, an English text entitled Out of my comfort zone, wandering around Harrods in the wrong trousers; or

•  Into English, a Spanish text entitled El Guernica en la trituradora de Banksy.

The entries for each language will be evaluated by a panel of judges, who will pay particular attention to accuracy in conveying not only the meaning but also the nuances of the source text, and to style. Anonymity is ensured throughout the evaluation process.

The winners’ names will be announced at the official awards ceremony, scheduled to be held at the United Nations Office at Vienna in May 2019 (exact date and venue to be announced in due time).

Download the registration form and the texts for translation.

Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2019.