New exciting offerings at the Visitor and Vienna Cafes!

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Ready for the summer break?  New offerings to help you start the summer are now available at Visitors’ Café and  Vienna Café , ie. Frozen yogurt, blended drinks, crepes and breakfast sandwiches.

The Visitors’ Café is now serving Colombo nonfat frozen yogurt in vanilla, chocolate and twist flavors with toppings such as strawberry, banana, chocolate chips, chopped walnuts and oreo cookie crumbles. It comes in regular and large sizes.

In addition, various refreshing drinks are currently served in Visitors Café, including Starbucks Frapuccino blended beverages . 

Vienna Café menu has been spiced up with the introduction of the creperie station.  Dressed with sweet or savory toppings and flavourful fillings, crepes are a sure treat for everyone.  Sweet crepes come in three types: nutella with fresh berries;  dark chocolate with bananas and fresh berries;  and euro butter, turbo sugar and cinnamon.  Additional toppings of strawberry, banana, chopped walnuts, chocolate chips and oreo cookie crumbles at minimal cost are available. Savory crepes, which can also be a lunch meal come in three flavours: black forest ham and gruyere; brie, fresh tomatoes and avocado; and pesto chicken and fontina cheese.

The breakfast experience at Vienna Café has likewise been enhanced with new, freshly made and filling  gourmet sandwiches, rolls,  wraps, muffins,  bagels and croissant with sausages, eggs, ham, mushroom, spinach, mozarella cheese to be rotated on a daily basis. Vegetarian and vegan sandwiches are also available.

New menu selections and innovative ideas are continuously considered to improve your dining experience!

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