Mission View: A web platform for Permanent Missions

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What is Mission View?

Mission View is a tool to build websites. The UN Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT) created a system specifically for the Permanent Missions to the UN. It’s made with an open source software called Drupal that is used for creating and managing websites.


What are the benefits of using Mission View?

No-cost website creation and hosting

UN OICT will help you create your site and host it, at no cost to your mission, and will handle all security updates and feature enhancements. User and technical support will be provided through the Missions Support Help Desk.

Easy to use

It has a simple interface so that even non-technical users can update and manage the website. The home page layout can be changed to one of four different designs to better display your content. You also have the option to publish your content immediately or save it and publish it later.


It allows you to create your website in any of the six official UN languages.


Your site will always be displayed properly when viewed on a computer, smartphone or tablet.



What can you put on your website?

  • Mission View was created so you can quickly add content like statements made at the General Assembly, Security Council or any other venue;  news about your Mission or country and related photos and videos
  • You can create web pages with your own unique content like country information and consulate services or any other relevant information.
  • You can attach various document and file types such as: PDFs, photos and video to further enhance your viewer's experience. 



How to get started with Mission View

1. To request for Mission View, submit your request in writing on the official letterhead of your mission.  Include the authorised users of your website:
  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Individual email addresses
2. Send your request to OICT through one of the options below:
OICT Permanent Mission Support
Service Desk Operations Section, OICT/IMS
United Nations, Room CS-0907A
New York, NY 10017
For questions please call the Missions Support Help Desk at  212-963-3333 
3.  OICT will then schedule an appointment with you to discuss the application and provide training
4.  Once the site is created you can immediately add and edit content




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