Emerging Tech Series: Artificial Intelligence and the UN

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up everywhere. From self-driving cars to voice recognition systems in service departments and online shopping recommendations. As businesses are rapidly incorporating AI into decision making, the ethics of AI becomes important. At the same time, the large amounts data that allow AIs to be trained become increasingly valuable. It is clear that AI will become increasingly pervasive, but the benefits and dangers of it are far from clear and are much debated.

Is this the most amazing and useful invention since electricity, or is it the end of humanity as we know it?

The Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT) has produced a paper describing various applications of AI, concerns around AI, and potential ways for the UN to use AI. OICT has built various prototypes using natural language analysis, machine learning and other aspects of AI. If you are interested in exploring AI applications for your department, contact Lambert Hogenhout in OICT's Emerging Technologies Section (email to ai@un.org).

* Download the paper "What is Artificial Intelligence?"