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Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly, Agenda Items: 117 – Question of Equitable Representation and on Increase in the Membership of the Security Council and 120, Follow-up to the Outcome of the Millennium Summit.

Thursday, 20 July 2006
H.E. Ambassador Daw Penjo
New York

Mr. President, 
 My delegation would like to commend you for convening this plenary 
meeting to continue with our efforts to reform the Security Council, an issue 
that has been before us for a very long time. It is obvious that no reform of 
the United Nations would be complete without a comprehensive reform of 
the Security Council. As stated by others, my delegation has always 
supported the need to change the structure of the Security Council to reflect 
the realities of today’s world and to improve the working methods in order 
to be more open and inclusive. Only through a comprehensive reform will 
the Security Council become more representative, democratic and therefore 
more legitimate. 
 My delegation believes that draft resolution L. 46 submitted by India, 
Brazil and Germany meet the desire of the membership to make the Security 
Council more effective and reflective of the current world situation and it 
contains proposals to change the structure as well as improve the working 
methods. The proposals to improve the working methods provides much 
scope for small countries like mine to be more closely involved in the work 
of the Council. It also provides a basis on which the General Assembly can 
work towards a comprehensive reform of the Security Council. My 
delegation believes that the sponsors of L. 46 are ready to work with all 
delegations to arrive at a formula that will command the widest support of 
member states. 
Mr. President 
 My delegation hopes that the General Assembly seize this opportunity 
provided by L. 46 to bring about genuine and comprehensive reform of the 
Security Council. 
Thank you, Mr. President.