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Flag Raising Ceremony

2751 [XXVI] Admission of Bhutan to membership in the United Nations The General Assembly, Having received the recommendation of the Security Council of 10 February 1971 that Bhutan should be admitted to membership in the United Nations, 1 Having considered the application for membership of Bhutan,2 Decides to admit Bhutan to memebrship in the United Nations. 1934th plenary meeting, 21 September 1971 1 Official Records of the General Assembly, wenty-sixth Session, Annexes, agenda item 25, document A/8278 2 A/8275. For the printed text of this document, see offical Records of the Security Council, Twenty-fifth Year, Supplement for October, Novemebr, December 1970, document S/10050
Flag of BhutanRaised at Ceremony Held at UN Headquarters 22 September 1971