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UN Reform

Global Policy Forum 

GPF is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, with consultative status at the UN. Founded in 1993 by an international group of concerned citizens, GPF works to strengthen international law and create a more equitable and sustainable global society. We place a heavy emphasis on networking to build broad coalitions for research, action and advocacy. GPF’s main office is strategically located across the street from UN headquarters in New York. GPF also has a European office, located in Bonn, Germany.

Introduction to UN Reform

This brief introduction to UN Reform offers analysis and background information.

UN Reform Initiatives

This page covers main UN Reform initiatives, such as the Millennium Summit and Its Follow-Up, Panels and the reform agendas of Secretary Generals Kofi Annan and Boutros Boutros Ghali.

UN Reform Topics

This section covers the various topics of UN Reform, including the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the General Assembly, the Human Rights Council, the Peacebuilding Commission, Management Reform, Responsibility to Protect, and the creation of a UN Standing Force.

New actors at the UN

This section looks at the increasing influence of non-state actors at the UN, such as NGOs and Business.

UN Financial Crisis

This section covers the UN's finances. As a solution to the constant financial shortages faced by the organization, many experts have suggested Alternative Financing schemes such as Global Taxes to improve the UN financial situation and make the organization less dependent on government contributions.


This section provides links and resources for further research on UN reform