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Press Office

Informing and explaining Angolan policies to the media is the responsibility of the Press Office. The Press Officer of the Mission provides information on the Republic of Angola policies in the United Nations to journalists who cover United Nations proceedings.

The Press Office also arranges comprehensive briefings by Mission officers on a range of policy issues to civic groups, college and university students and answers questions from the public about current development in Angola by phone, email, and fax.

The Press Office also maintains regular contacts with non-governmental organizations, arranges and coordinates speaking engagements for the ambassador and releases statements and notices to the press and public on a regular basis. These are posted on our web site as they are released.

Press Attache Contact 
Mr. Xavier Santa Rosa
Permanent Mission of the Republic of Angola to the United Nations
820 2nd Avenue, 12th Floor - New York, N. Y. 10017
Press questions:
Phone: +1 (212) 861 5656, Cell: +1 347 617 9119,  Fax: +1 (212) 861 9295
E-mail: santosrosa@angolaun.org

GA Statements

GA Statements