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Algeria "strongly" condemns the recurrent attacks on Al Aqsa Mosque

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Algeria has "strongly" condemned on Wednesday the recurrent attacks on the Al Aqsa mosque which are committed by the Zionist settlers.

"Algeria condemns the repeated assaults against Al Aqsa Mosque and its faithful prayers, the desecration and the destruction of its historical gates committed by the Zionist settlers, protected by the occupation forces".

Algeria called "for rapid intervention to end those terrorist acts and spoil the occupation attempts to make the international community indifferent to the systematic violence applied to the defence-less Palestinian people".

"The escalation Al –Quds is experiencing following those provocations will only aggravate the tension and exacerbate the crisis, dismissing the possibility of reaching an overall solution which will allow the Palestinian people to recover its legitimate rights, namely establishing an independent and sovereign Palestinian State with Al-Quds as capital".

"Algeria calls for the immediate stoppage of these violations and reaffirms its determination to spare no efforts to support the Palestinian people so it can regain freedom and its spoiled land".