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Momtazuddin Ahmed

Professor of Bengali Language & Literature
Date of Birth -18th January 1935
Professor Ahmed a renowned educationalist is also famous in the field of culture, performance, literature and other socio- political activities. He has notable contributions in the following areas:-
a. Writing and directing plays for stage, Radio and Television. He is also an excellent performer in Radio, Television & Stage drama. Beside that he is a famous Cinema Screenplay writer.
b. Columnist in the Printing Media both in Daily & Weekly newspapers. Writes essays on Contemporary Socio- political problems.
c. As a man of progressive conviction he took active role in state Language movement, struggle for freedom and movement for getting back Democracy.
d. He writes books for higher studies. His two plays, one on Language movement and another on freedom struggle are included in the regular syllabus for post graduate students in the University of Rabindra Bharati and Netaji Subhaschandra Bose of Kolkata.
e. He has written Books for Primary & Secondary Educations.

2. He has served as a teacher of literature and drama in the following institutions:
a. Haraganga College.
b. Govt. College of Commerce, Chittagong.
c. Chittagong Govt. College
d. Jagannath University College, Dhaka.
e. Dhaka University (part time teacher in the department of Drama)

3. He has authored more than fifty books:
a. Dramas for stage Radio & Television.
b. Fictions and short stories
c. Essays & research articles on Bengali literature, Culture & Bengali Drama.
d. Translation of Shakespeare plays into Bengali

4. Recognition and Awards:
a. Alaol Shahitya Award
b. Bangabandhu Shahitya Award
c. Zubennessa Mahbubullah Literary Award
d. Dewan Gulam Mortuza Shahitya Award
e. Shishu Academy (Agrani Bank) Award.
f. Bangla Academy Literary Award
g. Ekushey Padak-the highest literary Award of the country for his Dramatic contribution.
h. Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy has honured him as one of the outstanding playwrights in the country.

5. His family
His wife Mrs. Quamrunnessa Momtaz is also a teacher of Bengali Language & Literature.
He has four children. All are well settled in life-
a. Tiasha (daughter) a teacher of autistic children school in Chicago
b. Titas (son) is a Doctor in Cleveland Hospital, U.S.A
c. Tamal(son) is an Engineer at Waterloo in Ontario
d. Tahihiti (daughter) was an executive in Grameen Phone, Dhaka. At present she is with her engineer Husband and two children in California.
6. Prof. Ahmed has visited Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, UK and U.S.A as a renowned cultural personality of Bangladesh.
7. At present Prof. Ahmed is serving Bangladesh Permanent Mission to the United Nations as Minister (Cultural).