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17 April 2009 / 07:08

The book by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov “The global financial-economic crisis, ways and measures to overcome it in the conditions of Uzbekistan” continues to draw a broad response of the representatives of social and political, scientific and analytical circles, as well as the experts of foreign countries.

“I have attentively read the book by President Islam Karimov, which demonstrates the modern and progressive vision of Uzbekistan’s economy by the nation’s leadership,” the president of Italian Academy for International Economic Cooperation, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Promotas International Consulting Company Roberto Tassinari Berti said.

“One of the urgent topics of modernity is to objectively assess the reasons and circumstance of emergence of the global financial and economic crisis, which broke out in 2008 and is now acquiring the greater scales, as well as to elaborate on such basis the necessary measures to overcome its consequences,” Mr. Berti also said.

“Based on comprehensive and objective analysis the book offers the concrete concept of how to overcome the crisis, as well as the brave initiatives on how to better the infrastructure of the Republic of Uzbekistan. I would especially like to note the well thought-out policy of the country’s leadership on the issues of micro-crediting. I am confident that such initiatives will positively reflect on Uzbekistan’s economy, which is geographically well located in Central Asia,” the Italian expert believed.

“I fully agree with the view of President Islam Karimov that the soonest tackling of the global financial crisis and mitigating its consequences much depend on the efficiency and coordination of measures being undertaken both as a part of particular states and the world community, as a whole,” Roberto Berti further said.

“At the same time, it is impressive that despite all problems and hardships Uzbekistan has been able to secure in 2008 not only the stable functioning of economy, but also provide for its high and sustainable growth rates, elaborate the entire complex of measures, firstly, the Anti-crisis program and mechanisms of its implementation,” Mr. Berti has also added.

“I believe that the implementation of this Program will allow the country to minimize the negative impact of the crisis on Uzbekistan’s economy, as well as lay down a reliable basis for economic growth,” – Mr. Berti concluded.

Information Agency “Jahon”
with Ikboljon Soliev contributing in English