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10 April 2009 / 11:22

Substantial opportunities are now being created in Uzbekistan for revealing the potential of talented youth. Based on the Law “On education” and National Program for cadres training a work on developing science, culture and arts, spirituality and enlightenment, as well as building modern educational establishments is consistently going on.

A special attention is paid to reconstructing the schools of music and arts, as well as constructing on their basis the new modern facilities, the Khalq sozi Uzbek-language national newspaper wrote.

The Decree of President of Uzbekistan of July 8, 2008 “On State program to strengthen material and logistical basis and further improve activities of children’s music and arts schools for 2009-2014” serves as a guideline for action for developing this sphere, according to the newspaper.

In line with the Program, the reconstruction of Music School No.10 in Kitob District in Kashkadarya Province is now being accomplished. The local authorities are going to commission the newly refurbished school this year.

“In designing the new building we have taken into consideration the peculiarities of teaching music,” Ibragim Fozilov, the head of the Kitob bunyodkor Construction Firm, which operates as the main contractor in the district, said. “The school will have specially supplied rooms for dancing classes, fine arts and orchestra.”

According to principal of the Music School Anvar Abdullaev, the new equipments, textbooks, furniture, computers and music instruments will be purchased. In the days to come the school plans to establish the study groups for embroidery and other handicrafts, as well as workshop on repairing music instruments.

“Many children are keenly interested in music,” the head of the Kashkadarya Regional Department for Public Education Tura Saidov said. “The creation of modern conditions at such educational establishments serves for attracting them to schools of music and arts. At the same time, a special attention is now being paid to providing the music schools with necessary textbooks, holding events which familiarize children with immortal classics, makoms (the Uzbek national classical songs) and works of musicians, who greatly contributed to developing the national arts of Uzbekistan.”

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English