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22 April 2009 / 05:21

The foreign experts continue commenting on the book by President Islam Karimov “The global financial-economic crisis, ways and measures to overcome it in the conditions of Uzbekistan”.

J.Matsis, the member of European Parliament, Committee for Foreign Affairs and Delegation of the European Parliament for the States of Central Asia, spoke of the book and ways of overcoming the crisis in the conditions of Uzbekistan as follows:

“The international community is facing, perhaps, the worst economic crisis in its history.

I would like to note that by reading the book by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov I have been impressed with that how Uzbekistan was combating the economic crisis by way of creating the rational program of development aimed at reconstructing the economy, society and state. These are the major directions and principles based on which Uzbekistan strives to consolidate its position on the international community.

The indisputable improvement of economic indicators of Uzbekistan during the global crisis serves as their positive aspect. Such positive result has been secured thanks to the entire complex of structural reforms and well organized program which make the Uzbek state a reliable.

I consider the measures taken in the country as a very serious approach towards current economic crisis in a bid to avoid the shock therapy. I share the view of President Islam Karimov that the answer to crisis may be based on structural reforms in the banking system and at all levels of the infrastructure in order to minimize the production costs, improve competitiveness, raise profits, the inflow of foreign investments and currency, and not less important, to create the new jobs, and thus, to reconstruct the economy and better the living standards.

The President’s work clearly demonstrates that Uzbekistan concentrates attention on foreign investments and secures good results in this sphere. Uzbekistan also achieves success in terms of seeking the right way of politically and economically reacting to the crisis by way of putting the gained funds into economy and this way maintaining it in a good state. This is an economic and political methodology of resuming the economy. Resuming economy is a political art.

Uzbekistan may on its own overcome, both economically and politically, the current difficult economic state and turn into a reliable partner of the EU as a part of globalization. Such partnership must be based on the common interests, benefit and mutual respect.”

Information Agency “Jahon”
with Ikboljon Soliev contributing in English