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02 April 2009 / 05:16

These days the young citizen of Tashkent – Gulnoza Mirkhalilova – as if has gained a second life. The heart of the girl began to beat with a new strength thanks to a “miracle” created by doctors, the national newspaper wrote April 3.

A unique surgical operation has been performed on her by world standards at the Republican specialized center of surgery named after V.Vakhidov. Heretofore such operations on heart have never been performed in Central Asia.

Alongside with the Uzbek doctors the cardio-surgeons from Italy held the open surgical treatment of the acquired aortic valvular disease with simultaneous substitution of ascending part of aorta with participation of the Uzbek doctors.

These days as a part of the exchange of experience they are performing the complex surgical operations together. Such truly fruitful work is a result of implementation of the bilateral Uzbek-Italian intergovernmental agreement on cooperation and agreement on cooperation between the V.Vakhidov Center and “Riuniti” clinic of the city of Bergamo signed in November last year. The latter document envisages the exchange experience and specialists.

This visit of the Italian surgeons to Uzbekistan is already the fifth. This time the two groups of high-level professionals – specialists of adult and children’s cardio-surgery – came to Tashkent. Along with the Uzbek colleagues they as if breathe life to young patients, while correcting various congenital anomalies of heart. Apart from hours-long and mainly unique surgical operations, the consultations, discussions and scientific seminars on the urgent problems of modern cardiology and cardio-surgery have been organized.

The sides plan another exchange of delegations. A group of doctors, who are specialized in plastic operations on heart diseases, is to visit Tashkent. The Uzbek surgeons, who will participate in performing the operations by their European colleagues, are also going to visit Italy.

Such exchange of practical and theoretical knowledge and skills in curing the most difficult diseases of heart will promote to further increasing the quality of work of cardio-surgeons of Uzbekistan and simultaneously spread their experience abroad.

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English