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13 March 2009 / 05:54

The annual national exhibition of the banking technologies, equipment and services, namely “BankExpo-2009”, took off in Tashkent, the report by Uzbekistan National News Agency has said.

The leading banking, financial and investment companies of Uzbekistan, as well as a number of the CIS countries are participating at the exhibition.

The exhibition offers visitors to see and learn about the latest technologies and services rendered in the banking and financial sector of Uzbekistan.

There are such sections as banks, financial organizations, insurance companies, e-banking, mobile systems, system of money transfer and video surveillance, equipment and security systems, information technologies for banking and financial establishments, design and production of plastic cards, etc.

The participants of the exhibition believe that given the global financial crisis the issues of ensuring sustainable and continuous work of the financial-economic, budget, banking and credit system become ever important. In such context, they think it is important to raise people’s awareness of the state and prospects of development of the banking sector of economy.

The presentation of conditions of lending, level of application of the latest information technologies, the extent of how the nation’s banks provide with financial and other kinds of services, no doubt, increases the trust towards banks of the country, and finally, raises the efficiency of their operations.

Many banks are actively introducing the electronic information and payment terminals meant for mass use, the so-called the information booths. They accept various online payments from population for public utility services with the use of plastic cards. Such booths have already been installed at large supermarkets, business centers, agencies, and servicing facilities. It is expected to establish a diversified network nationwide, as well.

For example, the universal leasing company of Baraka offers commercial banks the cooperation in implementing the large leasing projects which would envisage the multi-channel financing.

Also, the beneficial conditions to undertake leasing operations are offered to small businesses and private entrepreneurs should they decide to procure the equipment to manufacture the import-replacing and export-bound products.

The agenda of the exhibition is broad and diverse, the report says. It includes a broad spectrum of educational workshops, master classes and presentations. Surely, the vacancy fair is going to be important as a component of the agenda. At it the job-seekers may be interviewed in terms of being possibly employed with banking and financial sector.

Ikboljon Soliev for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English