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29 April 2013 / 10:52

25.04.2013 17:32
The VI Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects opened in Tashkent.

Innovations are one of the most important resources of a nation. Successful solution of social-economic issues, introduction of new industrial and financial technologies, development of innovative-investment infrastructure, maintaining and increasing intellectual potential, export-oriented production, import-substitution, hard currency accumulation significantly depend on the state of innovative activities.

The vector of economic development of Uzbekistan, identified by President Islam Karimov in his resolutions “On measures to improve coordination and management of sciences and technologies” dated from 7 August 2006, “On additional measures to encourage introduction of innovative projects and technologies into production” dated from 15 July 2008, “On industrial development priorities in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2011-2015” from 15 December 2010, provides for transition to an innovative economy.

Opening the fair, President of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.Salihov remarked that the traditional republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects are particularly pressing as they support integration of efforts of industrialists, scientists, entrepreneurs for solving an important task of intensifying processes of innovative development.

The results of previous fairs, where over two thousand innovative ideas and technologies were on display, 1545 contract for 44,7 bln. UZS in total were signed, are a vivid demonstration of this. Thanks to this finished products worth 480 mln. UZS have been manufactured, 19 new products have been launched for mass production, industrial-experimental production within 24 contracts has started.

The sixth in a row fair, opened at the UzExpoCentre, is organized by the ministry of economy, ministry of foreign economic relations, investments and trade as well as the Committee for coordination of scientific and technological development under the Cabinet of ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The current event is widely attended by the ministries, agencies, banks, enterprises of all spheres of economy, particularly representatives of small business and private entrepreneurs, farmers, institutions of the Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan, higher educational institutions, scientific centers and R&D facilities. It should be underlined that the requirements for developments, to be demonstrated at the fair, are getting firmer.

The focus has shifted towards high-tech manufacturing sector, as in the current conditions only science-based production has a chance to sustainably position itself in the market. The working group, consisting of leading experts of ministries, agencies, large companies, has carefully considered 607 applications of scientific, educational organisations and individuals.

550 prospective technologies, innovative ideas and projects, directed at development of manufacturing, agriculture, medicine and pharmacy, information sphere, science and education, were selected.