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15 April 2013 / 02:23

UzA, Nazokat Usmanova, 13 April 2013, 11:39

The decree of President Islam Karimov "On measures for further improvement of foreign language learning" from December 10, 2012 is an important factor in improving  teaching of foreign languages to a new level.

Extensive works on the continuous learning of foreign languages ​​at all stages of the education system, professional development of teachers to provide educational institutions with modern teaching materials are conducted for effective implementation of the tasks, set out in the document.

In this direction systematic measures to improve access  of educational institutions to sources of  international education through «ZiyoNet» public information and education network, fill the network with multimedia resources, developing  applications for personal computers and mobile gadgets.

«ZiyoNET» department of the Ministry of public education of Uzbekistan reported that web-site, one of sites at the Ziyonet network, created "Foreign Language" and «ICT for English Teachers» («The use of modern information and communication technologies by foreign language teachers ") blogs. They are regularly updated and currently have over a hundred materials on English grammar, phonetics and vocabulary.

"Foreign Language" subdivisions were created in the "Library" part of the portal on, which houses nearly 610 videos and training and educational literature for studying  foreign languages.

- Introducing new technologies for fast, easy and independent student learning experience ​​has become the demand of time, - says English teacher of  the school #178 in Chilanzar district of Tashkent city Nigora Ubaydullaeva. - Consequently, teaching materials on English language on the «ZiyoNet» public information and education network play an important role in self-improvement of teachers, enriching  their knowledge and skills.