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29 April 2013 / 10:57

UzA, N.Rakhimov, 27 April 2013, 10:06

Final preparations are underway for the sixth Asrlar sadosi (the Echo of Centuries) festival of traditional culture, to be held May 4-5 in the Sarmishsay gorge  in Navbakhor district of Navoi region.

These days the regional department of culture and sports, together with the scientific and methodological center of folk art and cultural work, the territorial administration of the Khunarmand association and the regional branch of the Artists' Union of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan is preparing for the festival performances, folk games, exhibitions of craftsmen. In particular, local artisand have arranged their best work for displaying the broad age-old traditions.

- Almost 800 members of our association have expressed the desire to participate at the Asrlar sadosi festival,  says the chairman of the regional department of the Hunarmand association Abdukodir Ibragimov. - The best carvers, masons, coppersmiths, embroiderers and goldsewers are ready to demonstrate the richness of national folk arts and crafts.
According to the organizing committee of the festival, in the morning and evening of 4 and 5 May a caravan, having a symbolic meaning, will start off from Sarmishsay.  After all, Sarmishsai, one of the centers of human civilization, was a  stopping point for caravans on the Silk Road. This, in particular, is proved by the ancient rock paintings. Sarmishsay culture caravan will become a reminder of the great scientific discoveries and achievements of our ancestors.

Participants of the festival will have the opportunity to follow battle rams and cock-fighting, they will enjoy performances of rope and bakhshi. The guests will be offered a variety of ceremonial dances, folk games, lapars (local traditional song) and duets, as well as exhibitions of dishes, displays of national costumes and many other colorful events.