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22 April 2013 / 06:31

UzA, Iroda Umarova, Nodira Manzurova, Madina Umarova,Sayora Shoeva, Mekhribon Mametova, Kholmurod Salimov, A’lo Abdullaev, Mukhammad Amin, Otabek Mirsoatov (photos), 15 April 2013, 23:48

On April 16-17 our country will host an international conference on "Modern housing construction as a driving force of comprehensive development and transformation of rural areas, enhancing the living standards of population". The forum, held at the initiative of President Islam Karimov, will bring together some 300 scholars, specialists and experts from nearly fifty countries. Correspondents of the National Information Agency of Uzbekistan – UzA talked to some of the foreign guests.

Hussein Hassan Hussein, Editor in chief of “Al-Faysal” Magazine, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

- This is the first I have been to Uzbekistan. The difference between the imaginations and what I have seen is enormous. I am impressed by the hospitality and generosity of your people, delighted that representatives of different nationalities live in peace and harmony here. Your country has a rich history and a spiritual heritage, unique culture and art.

Having seen modern houses, built in "Obod turmush" local community of Zangiata district in Tashkent region, I have been convinced of the magnitude of the work on the fundamental transformation of the villages of your country, establishment of conditions for rural populations in no way inferior to the urban settings. It should be noted that these individual houses, constructed on the basis of model projects, contribute to further improvement of the lives of villagers. It is noteworthy that in Uzbekistan, the number of houses built in a modern architectural style, is growing every year, constantly improving infrastructure, new roads, gas, electricity, running water networks have been installed. Soft loans schemes to citizens for purchasing such modern and comfortable homes with all necessary conditions also contribute to the welfare of the people. A 15-year term of the loan increases people's interest in houses being built on the basis of standard designs. Experience of Uzbekistan in implementing such projects in rural areas can serve as an example for other countries as well.

Mr. Lau Loke Kuen, Chief Executive Officier "QAF Brunei", Brunei:

- Creating opportunities for people to purchase homes of standard design, being built in rural areas, proves civic responsibility and care for people. Such an approach to providing housing is rare in the world. In many countries, the majority of the population is forced to live in rented houses for years.

I was impressed with house designs, being built in villages of Uzbekistan. Houses on a solid foundation have spacious and bright rooms, a modern style, a garage for car, landplot, cold and hot water. I admire created opportunities in Uzbekistan for a prosperous life of citizens. Undoubtedly, numerous convenience stores and service facilities, built in line with houses, will help meet the needs of the local population.

We walked around Tashkent, visited the Independence Square, museums and galleries, and I found a big tourist potential in Uzbekistan.

Sukhvinder Singh Johal, Associate Professor, Centre for Research of Rural and Industrial Development, Chandigarh, India:

- I've been to Obod turmush local community in Zangiata district in Tashkent region and examined the ongoing improvement works, construction of housing on the basis of standard designs, infrastructure improvement, increasing living conditions. I would like to emphasize that mortgages for modern homes are provided for 15 years. Experts and industry specialists, gathered for the international conference ar enthusiastically learning about benefits for citizens, created in your country.

Masoodah Alam Qurban, representative of the scientific and academic community of Saudi Arabia, an employee of the Faculty of Education at the King Saud University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

- I am glad that in the framework of an international conference we have had an opportunity to visit the houses in the villages, built on the basis of standard designs. These homes are built in accordance with the national way of life, natural and climatic conditions of the country and have access to modern utilities.

In particular, the residents of houses in Zangiata district we have been to, have expressed their content with the conditions in obtaining housing. We could see that in their smiles, open face.

In Tashkent I visited the Hazrati Imam complex. Unique monuments of the past have made a memorable experience. 

Alexandr Sefre Zand, Chief executive officer of "Sefre Architects Research Group", member of the Royal Institute of British Architects, United Kingdom:

 - Within the framework of the international conference, we visited houses in the Obod turmush local community in Zangiata district. As an architect my attention was drawn into designs of houses and infrastructure, the location and height of the room. All the conditions for a comfortable life are created in these houses. Another aspect of these houses are availability of a long-term, concessional loans, and prices are affordable.