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04 April 2013 / 12:46

UzA, Anna Ivanova, 3 April 2013, 16:08

The Ijtimoiy Fikr Center for the Study of Public Opinion has conducted a sociological survey titled “Spiritual and Moral Values of the Citizens of Uzbekistan”. The enquiry was organized in the of monitoring mode with an aim to establish the dynamics in the system of value dispositions and the formation of public outlook within the framework of overall efforts directed at addressing the tasks set by President Islam Karimov in his book “High Spirituality Is Invincible Force”. The survey has involved the residents of Uzbekistan’s all regions, including men and women of various age groups, occupations, ethnicity and faith.

According to poll participants, the positive qualities inherent in the citizens of Uzbekistan include diligence, the spirit of enterprise, hospitality, beneficence, integrity, sincerity, caring for the family, aspiration to live in peace and harmony, justice, contrition. The family and children (and the mounting importance of the institution of family) continue to be predominant values decisive in forming our people’s fundamental principles in life. For the greater part of residents, making a robust and united family and securing a meaningful future for the children is the critical goal in life.

The majority of respondents say they are convinced that Uzbekistan offers all essential conditions and opportunities to achieve their life-long objectives. One of the key factors supporting this state of affairs, they point out for definite, is the peace and stability reigning in our country. Among the necessary conditions the survey participants cite also the education sector. A considerable significance is attached to personal qualities, including optimism, industriousness, and persistence in reaching one’s goals.

The absolute majority of the surveyed (more than 90 percent) believe in the achievement of their aspirations. This is suggestive of the high degree of optimism in the social mood of the population. At the same time, consistent is the large number of those who rely primarily on their own abilities and skill.

As it was the case in previous years, adherence to traditional family relations remains crucial for the citizens of Uzbekistan. Among the visibly enhanced perceptions are those of happiness as a harmony of man with himself, a sound health, personal satisfaction with one’s labor and endeavors, feeling one’s own worth and usefulness to the society. The poll results indicate that the overwhelming majority of the citizens of our country regard themselves as fully happy, preferring at the same time the lifestyle built on national traditions, behavior principles and rules.

The value of human life itself is seen by the majority of population in the work that produces a result. Those who strive to realize their abilities and earn a higher status in the society by their diligence have been growing in number. It is important for such people that their job be interesting and creative.

The sociological research has confirmed the adherence of the majority of Uzbekistan’s residents to democratic values. Every fourth respondent perceives of the principle of social justice as the one designed to secure equal rights for everyone, while 80 percent of interviewees consider that same notion as the one implying every person’s rights are protected. Consistent has been the trend of growth in the number of citizens who welcome the priority of human rights and freedoms in the society. Hence, what is critically important for the majority of people is that the environment created in Uzbekistan is conducive for securing human rights and liberties. The public opinion has pointed to this circumstance as one of the principal accomplishments of the independent development. The overwhelming majority of those polled said they are proud to be citizens of Uzbekistan.

The sociological survey has demonstrated that the absolute majority of the population in Uzbekistan fully supports the course taken by President Islam Karimov toward building a democratic constitutional state and the policies in socio-economic and socio-political spheres. This is also underlined by the high degree of patriotism among the citizens of this country and the sense of involvement in the affairs of their own nation. The vast majority of respondents said they are confident that every citizen is morally responsible for his/her country and for tackling the issues it faces. Growing has been the number of those who believe it is essential to bolster the civic liability of all members of society for their tangible input into the implementation of cardinal reforms designed to providing for a dignified and prosperous life in the country.

The citizens of Uzbekistan are firmly convinced in the soundness of the path chosen by our people toward fundamental transformation and modernization of the country and are full of aspiration to personally take part in this positive process. They stand by their conviction that furthering the goals of the Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity will facilitate the achievement of even higher indicators in the social, economic, cultural and spiritual development of our state and society.

Based on the data of the Ijtimoiy Fikr Center