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01 April 2013 / 04:02

UzA, Mekhribon Mametova, Sarvar Urmonov (photos), 1 April 2013, 15:29

The final stage of the Tashabbus-2013 (Initiative-2013) contest for the prize of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held in Tashkent.

Spring in our country is rich in festivals and holidays.  The season itself is seen as a holiday: bright sun, a light gentle breeze, blossoming trees and flower beds, each giving birth to a good mood and a desire to start something new.

One of these colorful and inspiring celebrations is “Tashabbus”  traditional Republican contest, held at the initiative of President Islam Karimov.  The name of the contest is translated as "initiative", which is particularly symbolic. It was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Board of Farmers of Uzbekistan, "Hunarmand" association of craftsmen with the cooperation and support of the ministries and agencies.

Observing this grand ceremony every year, one cannot stop wondering how great the desire of our people to self-expression, creativity, new ideas and opportunities for the welfare and prosperity of the individual and the country as a whole. Today each of us contributes to improving the quality and standard of living in the society. You will be convinced of this, having visited the current "Tashabbus-2013" contest, where the movement of entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan is on display.

The exhibition at the "Turkistan" Palace demonstrated food, medicines, appliances, clothing, furniture, national jewelry, rugs and much more. It reminds of a spring bouquet, attracting with its brightness of colors.

... Our glance involuntarily stopped at the booth of the  "Navoi Fayz furniture" enterprise. A wide assortment of furniture for the houses and flats are presented here. One can see that the interior, creating comfort at home, is made of high quality materials and fittings.

The head of the "Navoi Faiz furniture" enterprise Azamat Khodjiev says that he opened his own business in 2011, in the year declared the Year of small business and private entrepreneurship by the head of our state. Then additional opportunities were created for businesses. And today, they are subject to tax benefits and preferences, registration procedure of businesses are simplified greatly, dozens of reports to various agencies of government are eliminated. In short, all conditions for businesspeople to work effectively to develop their business and feel confident about the future are created.

This opinion is shared by the other participants of the exhibition. Indeed, in recent years our country has taken drastic measures to develop the entrepreneurial movement. Thanks to that small businesses constitute over 90 percent of all enterprises. In 2012 they accounted for 54.6 percent of gross domestic product, 22.2 percent of industrial output, 98 percent of agricultural production.

The head of the "Normumin bobo" farm Panji Geldiev from Kashkadarya achieved no fewer successes. His farm presented a variety of agricultural products - cotton, grain, fruit and vegetables, fodder for livestock, meat and dairy products.

According to Panji Geldiev, the farmers' movement in our country perform such important tasks as making high-quality and low-cost food products, development of industry in rural areas, creation of new jobs. The efficiency is increasing year by year due to the fact that the country has implemented a set of measures to strengthen the material and technical base of farms, optimize their land, increase profitability through more efficient use of land, water and material resources.

Today, farms are rightly leading elements and the main form of agricultural production.  Laws and regulations, adopted in our country in recent years, have significantly expanded their powers. One of the latest is the Decree of the President Islam Karimov "On measures to improve the organization of activities and the development of farming in Uzbekistan" dated 22 October 2012. As a result currently the farmers' movement unites 66,000 farms, where the bulk of the agricultural products is produced.

Special attention of visitors of the Tashabbus-2013 contest were drawn into the colourful stands of craftspeople. National blades, wood products, tableware, made by skilled potters, the bright clothes of national fabrics such satin, adras, beqasam, musical instruments, paintings, and other products fascinate eyes with their look and stray into the rich past of our people.

A wide range of products of craftspeople demonstrates the attention and full support of artisans in our country. For the purpose of dynamic development of craftsmanship, a robust legal and regulatory framework has been created. An effective system of incentives and preferences allows masters to establish their own business and profitably sell high quality exclusive products.

During the days of Navruz celebrations entrepreneurs pleased us with diverse quality products, elegant and unique handicrafts, reflecting the dynamic development of small business and entrepreneurship, and encouraging others to create their own business.

By tradition, the winners were named in a festive atmosphere that prevailed in the "Turkistan" Palace .

The winners were determined in three main categories: "Best Entrepreneur of the Year", "Best Farmer of the Year," "Best Craftsman of the Year", as well as an additional - "Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year", "Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Year", "Best Innovative Project of the Year "" The entrepreneur who created the largest number of jobs for young people, "" The Best Taxpayer "and" My country - my pride. "

The head «Rubber Trast» private enterprise Abdulhoshim Ismoilov from Andijan  won in the "Best Entrepreneur 2013" category.  His diversified company is engaged in production of more than 30 kinds of summer and winter shoes, clothing, jersey, rubber and other products.

Bayramklych Dadebaev from Karakalpakstan was recognized as the best farmer of the year. His farm grows cotton, wheat, rice, fish, poultry and cattle.

Mahfuza Salimova from Bukhara was announced the best craftswomen of the year, whose gold-products are in high demand and suits both practical and aesthetic requirements of the most discerning consumers.

- I'm very excited- shares his impressions Abdulhoshim Ismoilov, the best enterpreneur of the year. - I think it will help me to expand my business and to implement new projects in the future. I have lots of fresh ideas, and such government support and assistance are encouraging and give confidence in a prosperous future.

The winners of  Tashabbus-2013 contest were awarded diplomas and presented with «Spark» cars, the second and third places were given cash prizes. 

Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan U.Rozukulov spoke at the event.