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01 April 2013 / 03:55

UzA, Mehribon Mametova, photo by Asqar Yoqubov, 28 March 2013, 16:08

"Uzbekistan Industrial Forum – 2013" the 5th Industrial Forum opened at the National Exhibition Centre Uzexpocentre.

The exhibition was organized by the company of International Exhibition Group Uzbekistan (IEG Uzbekistan) together the Ministry for Emergency Situations, Chamber of Commerce, State Committee for Geology and Mineral Resources, state joint stock company Uzavtoyul, main department of Fire Safety and the association of Uzmontajmaxsusqurilish.

In our country, in the framework of implementation of the resolution of President Islam Karimov "On the priorities of industrial development of Uzbekistan in 2011-2015" dated from 15 December 2010, continuing the process of modernization and upgrading of industrial enterprises with modern high-tech equipment, aimed at sustainable, dynamic and balanced development of the domestic industry.

It causes the interest of large international manufacturers of equipment and technologies, confirmation of which is the forum that brings together the most important trends in the industry.

At the opening, it was noted that the event aims to promote achievements of the industrial enterprises and research organizations, as well as the development of technical and innovation activities.

It is not only a unique way of communication, but also a means of investment and economic policies to support domestic manufacturing enterprises and companies who promote the latest technologies, modern equipment and accessories both in the domestic and foreign markets. Thereupon, the forum program included a number of exhibition projects.

More than 50 companies from Uzbekistan, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, UK, China, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries attend the forum. Their activities focus on the design, construction and commissioning of industrial equipment and capacities in mining, metallurgy, energy and other sectors.

The forum unites five exhibition projects, including 5th International specialized exhibition ''UzSpecTechExpo'', 5th International specialized exhibition ''UzMetalMashExpo'', 4th International specialized exhibition ''UzMiningExpo'', 3rd International Specialized Exhibition ''UzSecureExpo'' and the International Specialized Exhibition ''UzAutomationExpo''.

The forum also allows visitors to familiarize with technologies, equipment and tools, produced in Uzbekistan. It presents metering and control equipment, building security systems, etc.

This forum will be the best platform for constructive dialogue between manufacturers, businessmen, representatives of public authorities and the scientific community, as well as strengthens the links between organizations, enterprises and investors.