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01 April 2013 / 03:43

20.03.2013 15:50

The Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan has hosted a festive event to celebrate Navruz.

The holiday of Navruz, a bright embodiment of nature’s renewal, has come to our country these days. The melodic sounds of karnays and surnays are on the air across towns and villages and mahallas, while the elderly, venerated people hurry to festivities with their grandkids, the joyous children, the gorgeous and dressed up young women and courageous young men.

No less dressed up on March 19 is Tashkent’s Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan, all ready to host festive celebrations of the spring holiday.

Members of parliament and government, figures of academia and culture, arts and sports, pacesetters of manufacturing industry, entrepreneurs, veterans, representatives of embassies of foreign nations and international institutions accredited in Uzbekistan have all gathered here on this metropolitan square.

In the opening remarks, President Islam Karimov greeted all those present at the occasion and delivered a welcoming speech in which he congratulated all the people of Uzbekistan as well as foreign ambassadors on the holiday of Navruz (the text of speech is available in a separate post). 

The keynote address was followed by a festive concert and a variety of performances by celebrities and artistic children. The public mood and the overall environment on the square corresponded to the spirit of Navruz, to the general accomplishments and confident forward strides of our nation. 

Notably, a piece of Uzbekistan’s achievements has found its reflection in the Global Innovations Index published by Insead, a France-based international business school, in cooperation with World Intellectual Property Organization where the authors present a comprehensive analysis of innovative development across the world. In the report, Uzbekistan is ranked 35th on a list of 141 countries in terms of human capital, and it comes second in terms of education system development level. 

The rejuvenation is characteristic of not only the nature, but also a trait of the society. It has come to be an integral part of Uzbekistan’s strategy of wide-ranging reforms in all walks of life. On the eve of Navruz, for instance, new residential houses, enterprises, healthcare and education facilities, public service centers have been commissioned across the country.

In his interview to the local press, the Ambassador Chung Dae Wang of the Republic of Korea has said that he is “very glad to celebrate the spring holiday of Navruz for the fourth time in Uzbekistan. Every year, I take a great pleasure to treat myself with sumalak.

“Uzbekistan has been developing dynamically under the leadership of President Islam Karimov. One can see it, among other things, in the mounting scope of cooperation between our two nations and the steadily growing volumes of trade turnover. I feel confident that the interaction between Uzbekistan and South Korea will keep consistently enhancing and consolidating. I would like to take this opportunity to cordially congratulate the people of Uzbekistan on the Navruz holiday and wish peace, happiness and prosperity.”

The French ambassador in our country, Francois Gautier, suggested in turn that “Navruz is a unique and wonderful holiday. This festival presents people with a good and cheerful mood, it helps buttress the spirit of unity and cohesion, kindness and compassion. Attending this occasion, we are meeting with statesmen and public figures, guests from overseas, colleagues, and watch the festive concert with greatest delight. The uplifted atmosphere of this festive event, the joy and happiness on the face of people exemplify the abundance, prosperity, the peaceful and affluent life in Uzbekistan.”

Press service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan