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18 March 2013 / 02:12

16.03.2013 12:20

At the Oqsaroy March 15, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov chaired a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Children’s Sports Development Fund of Uzbekistan. 

Particular significance is being attached in our country to nurturing a physically sound and spiritually mature younger generation inferior to no one in anything. After all, fostering a comprehensively advanced posterity of higher morale and enlightenment is a principal prerequisite for our Motherland to win the future and attain all the noble ends we eye. Wide-ranging efforts hence have been underway to further these critical goals. The consistent social reforms designed to cement the institution of family, protect maternity and childhood, boost children’s sports, and perfect the education system have been yielding remarkable effects.

Bolstering children’s sports – a foremost requirement for securing our children as intellectually sophisticated, physically healthy and morally established personalities – has constantly been at the core of government and public attention. Today, children’s sports constitute an inalienable part of the education system in this country.

Presidential decrees on the Establishment of Children’s Sports Development Fund of Uzbekistan signed October 24, 2002, and the Measures to Improve the Activity of Children’s Sports Development Fund of Uzbekistan issued August 29, 2004, have served as an essential guide for action on this front. The Fund has been undertaking task-specific efforts directed at promotion of sports among the youths and the comprehensive development of children’s sports.

President Islam Karimov delivered a review speech at the meeting.

Noting that the Fund marks the tenth anniversary of its founding, the head of our country expounded on the extensive work carried out during the past period and the outcomes it has produced.

The issues discussed during the session included those related to outfitting the children’s sports facilities with proper equipment and hardware in line with approved normative standards. As a result of steadfast endeavors undertaken on this course, children’s sports facilities being commissioned are equipped with primarily domestically manufactured tools and hardware. That 114 out of 120 types of sports equipment are produced in local enterprises has been cited at the meeting as a considerable achievement.

President Islam Karimov stressed in particular that it is imperative to further expand the range of sports equipment and perfect its quality, as well as support extensively the local manufacturers operating in this sector.

The meeting participants inquired into the outcomes of efforts aimed at the implementation of program for the construction, reconstruction and cardinal overhaul of children’s sports facilities, swimming pools, children’s music and arts schools carried out for the moneys of the Children’s Sports Development Fund. The discussion also included issues concerning the targeted and effective use of the funds, notably, with regard to training highly qualified sports coaches, especially women, widespread engagement of girls and young women in sports, uplifting the effectiveness of the employment of sports facilities and securing the mass character of going in for sports. Also, the meeting has helped delineate priority tasks for future action.

On topics discussed, participants were presented reports by the First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Finance Rustam Azimov, Deputy Prime Ministers Botir Zokirov, Elmira Basitkhanova, Adham Ikramov, heads of a range of ministries and government agencies, as well as hokims (governors) of regions.

Due resolutions have been approved with respect to issues under deliberation.

Press service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan