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15 February 2013 / 07:08

UzA, N.Abduraimova, 13 February 2013, 00:11

Wide-scale reforms, carried out in our country, first and foremost serve a human being, ensuring his/her rights and interests.

This was the summary of the enlarged session of the Commission on adherence to constitutional rights and freedoms under the Human rights Ombudsman of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Chamber S.Tursunov, Human rights Ombudsman of the Oliy Majlis S.Rashidova, chairwoman of the Committee on Legislation and legal issues of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis S.Artikova, director of the National human rights centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Saidov and other noted that mechanisms of human rights protection are being improved in our country. In policy making in the most important socio-economic issues of citizens the role and significance of national institutes on human rights are strengthening.

The Ombudsman carries out consistent works on monitoring of human rights compliance, consideration of citizens’ recource, improving legislation. In this process the interaction with governmental, judicial and law enforcement bodies offers  substantial outcomes. International cooperation of the Ombudsman is also developing.

In 2012 the Human rights Ombudsman has carried out legal examination of drafts of 20 laws, presented by the committees of the Legislative Chamber, ministries and governmental bodies, and their compliance with international standards in human rights protection.

In the activity of the Ombudsman a particular attention is paid to such constitutional human rights as freedom of life, labour, personal inviolability, communication and mutual respect. In 2012 concerning citizens’ recource in such cases their rights and interests were assured.

In the events, in which members of the Senate and Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, officials of the ministries, judicial and law enforcement bodies, experts, representative of nongovernmental noncommercial organisations and the press took part, the participants exchanged views on further strengthening active cooperation of the Ombudsman with civil society institutions in the process of deepening democratic reforms and formation of the civil society in the country.