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08 February 2013 / 06:18

UzA, Roman Bondarchuk, 2 February 2013, 23:34

Uzkimyosanoat State joint stock company held a press conference on the results of the main activities in 2012. Annual results for all enteprises of Uzkimyosanoat SJSC were presented.

Today, the chemical industry of Uzbekistan, with its great production, raw materials and scientific and technological potential, is one of the leading basic industries of the country. It makes a significant contribution to the economy of Uzbekistan, as well as its export potential.

- Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov a special attention is paid to progressive development of the chemical industry, rational management of enterprises’ capacity, increasing the production for export, - says the head of technical development of the Uzkimyosanoat SJSC Rahmat Usarov. - Our company - integrated entity, combining the chemical enterprises of Uzbekistan. It develops and implements manufacturing, innovation, market development programs for chemical plants, thus creating the conditions and prerequisites for the sustainable development of the industry as a whole.

All measures, realized by Uzkimyosanoat SJSC, provide opportunities for integrated policy development in the chemical industry in the country, including research, production, distribution and supply of chemical products. Our production capacities can fully satisfy domestic demand for chemical products in Uzbekistan, as well as allow us export on an ongoing basis. Last year Uzkimyosanoat SJSC commodity output consitituted 1 560.7 billion soums, of which over 103 billion were consumer goods. This exceeded the previous year's rate of production by 142 per cent, assisted by the continued modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of the industry. In particular, due to modernization and technical re-equipment of Maxam-Chirchik OJSC urea production reached 270,000 tons. Production capacity of the Dehkanabad potash plant increased by 20,000 tons. Development of new products, some of which are particularly important for many sectors of our economy, has been continued. Navoiazot OJSC established Uz-Kor Silicon joint enterprise, which produces for silicon needed for the development of the electrical industry and is used in manufacturing equipment for  alternative energy sources. At the moment 800 tonnes of technical silicon has been produced and production capacity is expected to grow.

Currently the company enteprises produce mineral fertilizers, synthetic fibers, plastics, chemicals for energy, chemical, mining industries, plant protection means, defoliants, films used for sowing cotton. 

In 2012 more than 1.2 million tons of mineral, nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers were produced which is much higher than in 2011.