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05 October 2012 / 02:58

03.10.2012 00:26

The second "Golden Guepard" Tashkent international film forum is continuing in the capital.

The film forum, the first event within the – 2012 art week, is organized by the Forum of arts and culture of Uzbekistan Foundation in cooperation with Uzbekkino national agency.

The program of the forum, which started at the “City Makon” cultural-educational entertainment centre, includes shows of new films made by Uzbek moviemakers at the Alisher Navoi cinema palace, master-classes, live talks and meetings with professional directors, producers, actors, cameramen.

A great attention is paid to national cinema development, protection and further enrichment  of the authentic national schools in the reform processes of spiritual-cultural sphere, carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov. In this regard consistent measures on creating necessary conditions and opportunities for free and fruitful activity of film workers, all-round encouragement of production of high-quality films, perfecting material-technical basis of studios, introduction of advanced technologies to the sphere.

As a result of such attention Uzbek film directors are making films, which have won prizes in many influential film festivals, international contests.

Several projects are being implemented by the Forum of culture and arts in cooperation with Uzbekkino national agency, revealing and comprehensive support of the talented youth. “Ijodiy parvoz” young directors’ festival, international documentaries forum, “M&TVA” music, film, TV and video-art contest, Days of national film arts may be included to this list.

The second “Golden Guepard” Tashkent international film forum is a logical continuation of creative work in this direction. The main purpose of the project is to demonstrate successes in the national film industry during the independence years, to create  conditions for creative cooperation of the national and foreign art workers, improving the artistic taste and culture of the youth, perfecting filmmaking process.

The second “Golden Guepard” international film forum is taking place under the motto “Civilisations of the 21st century: dialogue of cultures”. This is not accidental as it highlights the importance of film art in strengthening friendship, consent among the national, different cultures.

Around 500 works from almost 50 countries of Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America are presented at the current film forum. Among them- 12 full-length and 11 short and 10 animation films, which were selected for the contest. The program also include shows  of out-of-competition films, retrospective show of films by famous french director Jacques Tati, national festival of films, produced by non-governmental cinema studios. Development trends the world and national film industry will be discussed at the “Contemporary film: place, time and spirit” international conference. The film forum also includes other gala-events, premiers, meetings.

- This is the second time I am participating at the “Golden Guepard” film forum, - says a film critic from Germany Hans Schlegel. - Judging from the first, but confident steps, the “Golden Guepard” film forum is  becoming a project, drawing attention and recognition of film-lovers, foreign experts and moviemakers. The fact that a special attention is given to works of young directors deserves a particular mention. As a specialist in this field I am very glad to hear the successes of Uzbek directors, as happened with “Parizod” and “The lead” films, which won prizes in international film festivals.

The events of the film forum are taking place in the Alisher Navoi cinema palace, “Premier Hall” cinema, “City Makon” cultural-educational entertainment centre, Youth creativity palace, and the state arts and culture institute of Uzbekistan.