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05 October 2012 / 02:53

05.10.2012 01:13

Long-awaited Art Week – 2012 has started at the Youth Creativity Palace in Tashkent

The week, organized by the Forum of culture and arts of Uzbekistan Foundation, started with the sixth Tashkent International Photo Biennale. Representative of different ministries  and agencies, creative and public organisations, diplomatic corps, accredited in our country, culture and art workers, photographers, designers and artists, film workers were invited to the event, held in cooperation with Arts Academy of Uzbekistan.

Under the leaderhip of President Islam Karimov widescale works on construction of culture and arts palaces, theatres, centres of children‘s creativy, music and arts schools, perfecting the activity of arts and culture higher educational institutes in line with requirements of the modern world. The issues of all-round support of creative workers, creation of favorable conditions and opportunities for the fruitful work is at the centre of constant attention.

All of this serves the goal of increasing the spirituality of the youth, formation of harmonically developed individuals, having healthy and independent outlook, high artistic and aesthetic taste,  protecting their conscience from alien to our national spirituality harmful ideas, fatal influence of the “mass culture”.

In this work the Art week, held by the Forum of culture and arts of Uzbekistan Foundation, has a special place thanks to its essence and importance, wide coverage. The project, having been realized successfully for seven years, assists in exchange of opinions and experience of the representatives of film, arts, photography, music, theatre, design industries, revealing of new talents, familiarisation of the wide public with their work.

The fact that the Art Week – 2012 started with the opening of the VI Tashkent International Photo Biennale has a symbolic meaning.     The photoart has a special role in unbiased and widescale depiction of the works in social-economic, political and educational development of the country, constant growth of the well-being of the people, maintenance and enrichment of the priceless heritage of our nation, upbringing of harmonically developed generation and strengthening the family.

Within the frameworks of the Art week personal exhibitions of phographers from Uzbekistan, and more than 30 foreign countries such as the US, the UK, Bangladesh, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, Romania, Japan, South Korea, as well as joint creative projects, scientific-practical conferences, devoted to the current state and prospects of further development of film, photo, theatre, design arts, presentations of new publications, concerts of world-known singers and musicians will be held.

Planned master-classes at several higher educational institutions serve to improve the education system in the arts sphere.

At the Festival of national costume, the main event of the Art week, it will be possible to get acquainted with the works of national masters and designers. This will be a professional school for many young modellers.

- Uzbekistan is a country with rich historucal heritage, old history, huge creative potential and many talents, - noted the photographers from Italy Emanuele Konstante. - The Photo Biennale is held within the Art Week, which includes many directions of the art, and helps the fans from all over the world to get introduced to the culture of your nation, which have added worthy contribution in development of world civilisation.